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October 11th, 2017 · 3 Comments · Uncategorized

The final pieces will be on display at our harvest festival next week.


Prove it!

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We are really enjoying the ‘Prove it’ style questions in our maths area.

The children in Willow came up with their own questions today.

‘Ben says that 252 divided by 9 is 29. Is he correct? Prove it.’


The Piano

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We watched ‘The Piano’ today, a short animation about a man playing the piano. As he plays the song, he is reminded of certain memories such as being a soldier in the war. Do you have a song that reminds you of a happy memory?

These moments are called flashbacks. Year 6 will be writing stories based around the events of the Holocaust that include flashbacks.


Short Division

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We have all learned some new vocabulary today.

Divisor, dividend, quotient and remainder are words that we use when answering short division questions.


Holocaust Centre

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Year 6 have had a fantastic trip today. We visited the Holocaust Centre and learned about the events that happened before, during and after World War 2 as well as the impact that these events had on the Jewish people living in Germany. We had the amazing opportunity to listen to a survivor and even had the chance to ask him questions. We were then taken on a tour around ‘The Journey’ and saw what life would have been like for a 10 year old boy called Leo.

The children were exceptionally well behaved and I am incredibly proud of all of them. Hopefully, they will remember this trip for a vary long time.


Gandhi and Mandela

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We have some very talented artists in Willow


Persuasive Writing

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Can you spot the persuasive devices?



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Our favourite time of the week, despite the wind and rain.


Maths on the MUGA

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We have had lots of fun in maths this morning. Our reasoning questions had been hidden all over the MUGA so we worked in small groups to locate them and then answer each question.

This is one of the questions that we had to answer. Which operation did we use? Can you solve it?



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We are going to be writing to the council next week, trying to persuade them to give one of our local emergency services some extra funding. We split into three groups today and looked at successful debating techniques. Each group had the opportunity to explain why they thought their emergency service deserved the extra funding.